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Herniated Disc News

It is vital that all patients stay up-to-date on the most current herniated disc news. In fact, reading the latest news about disc surgery and conservative disc treatment has led thousands of patients towards lasting, effective cures. We are thrilled to receive the many letters of thanks that you have sent to us after reading about a variety of potential cures on our website.

Medical science is always changing and evolving. The herniated disc therapy sector is certainly no exception to this rule. New developments are always being announced that might change the future of disc pain care forever. If you are one of the millions of people who are suffering from disc-related symptoms, then it is better to be on the forefront of this knowledge, in order to better apply it towards your own quest for relief.

Staying informed about back and neck pain treatment practices can be a full time job. Luckily, we at The Herniated Disc Authority have made it easy, by doing all the research for you. To this end, we offer this essay as an introduction to the techniques that might be instrumental in providing you with a true cure for your pain right now or in the near future.

Herniated Disc News About Surgery

Disc surgery is always a controversial topic, since it demonstrates the very worst curative results in the entire invasive dorsalgia treatment sector. Ironically, disc-related surgeries are also the most common types of procedures performed to treat the symptoms of back and neck pain and their related neurological expressions. So, when discussing herniated disc surgery, we are talking about the most commonly practiced and least effective form of invasive care for dorsalgia. No wonder most patients tend to be suspicious of believing any positive claims of new treatments or their promising results.

Objectively, we can say that the actual procedures utilized to treat discs surgically have improved light years over the past few decades. This is excellent news. However, many procedures are still over-used, or inappropriately used, accounting for their failure in the majority of cases.

Virtually all surgeries are now performed using minimally-invasive practices, sparing the patient much trauma, anatomical injury and dramatically reducing recovery time and complications. This is great news!

Furthermore, the introduction of laser surgery into the disc care realm has also helped improve many aspects of the operative process. We look forward to the future continuing to improve the actual procedures, their safety, and hopefully, also their efficacy.

Some of the most innovative herniated disc news topics that we are watching closely include disc nucleus replacement, artificial disc replacement, spinal implants and various injection therapies, such as ozone discolysis.

Herniated Disc News About Conservative Treatment

Conservative herniated disc care has not changed much in the past few decades. The same time-honored practices still remain largely utilized to help patients cope with the symptoms of disc pain, while doing little, if anything, to actually provide a cure for the underlying disc condition.

Nonsurgical disc care that actually provides a cure usually indicates a misdiagnosis of the actual painful mechanism, since virtually all nonsurgical practices can not, and will not, act on the spinal anatomy. Therefore, they have virtually no hope of actually resolving a pathological intervertebral herniation.

Extremely uncommon exceptions to this rule include various chiropractic manipulations and chiropractic Cox Technique. A far more common exception to this rule is the modern application of machine-enacted spinal decompression, including the DRX9000, Vax-D, AccuSpina and Antalgic-Trak systems.

The usual symptom-based conservative care practices include physical therapy, massage, TENS, pharmaceutical therapy and a plethora of complementary and alternative care modalities.

The only major news we have to report on the conservative front of disc care is that virtually every type of alternative treatment is now utilized in an attempt to resolve disc-pain. This would be great if the practices were effective, but in most cases, patients are merely wasting time and money with illogical utilizations of baseless treatment for a diagnosed disc condition.

Of course, we would be neglectful not to mention that mindbody therapies continue to evolve and demonstrate effectiveness for treating many misdiagnosed disc issues. No form of knowledge therapy can cure a truly pathological disc, but all forms can help the patient sort out truly problematic discs from the majority that have been misdiagnosed as the origin of pain, when they are actually innocent and coincidental structural irregularities and nothing more.

Staying Current on Herniated Disc News

We know how difficult it can be to stay informed on such a wide range of topical developments that affect back and neck pain sufferers. This is precisely why we started The Cure Back Pain Network and have invested years providing research, education, advocacy and community to our readers. We do all the work for you, so that you can focus on getting better and moving on with life.

If there is a topic you would like explored and covered in a dedicated report, please feel free to contact us and let us know. You can write to us directly or comment on any of our social media pages. We read each and every piece of correspondence that we receive and take all opinions into consideration.

Remember, the most important thing about news is that it is NEW. We hope that finding something new to help you will help to dispel all the consequences of whatever treatments have failed you in the past. There is always hope for a cure. This is the ideology that we embrace as caregivers, as educators and most importantly, as fellow patients.

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