Herniated Discs and
Tension Myositis Syndrome

Herniated Discs and Tension Myositis Syndrome

Herniated discs and tension myositis syndrome are common overlap conditions, in which the disc abnormality is blamed for the pain, while TMS is the actual cause of the symptoms. TMS is an epidemic mindbody disorder which is only just beginning to receive the medical attention it so justly deserves.

This essay will provide an account of how many misdiagnosed disc pain syndromes are actually caused by tension myoneural syndrome. Learn more about TMS, Dr. Sarno and the most effective way to treat the condition.

Herniated Discs and TMS Diagnosis

Most patients with TMS were originally diagnosed with another structural reason for their pain. Herniated discs are very common back pain scapegoats which are blamed for causing symptoms in a majority of TMS patients, including this humble author.

Researching degenerative disc disease information and herniated disc facts was what brought me to consider that my diagnosis was incorrect all along. I was lucky to have found Dr. John Sarno and used his knowledge therapy approach to cure my chronic back pain torture.

I had to repudiate the structural diagnoses of DDD and herniated discs in my own mind, in order to succeed with knowledge therapy. That was certainly a challenge for me and every other affected patient. However, once you are well informed about the true nature of back pain, it is not at all difficult to fully embrace the innovative theories offered by Dr. Sarno and the other prominent knowledge therapy exponents.

Accepting the TMS diagnosis meant understanding that a herniated disc might exist, but that it is not the cause of the pain. This goes doubly for DDD. Once you can accept this idea, you are already well on your way to a cure. It really is not that difficult, since medical research shows no actual correlation between disc abnormalities and the occurrence of chronic back or neck pain.

Herniated Discs and Tension Myositis Syndrome Therapy

Instead of the incredibly involved assortment of medical, complementary and surgical treatments offered by the back pain industry, TMS practitioners offer and recommend only one highly effective modality: knowledge therapy. While going to a TMS specialist is an expensive proposition, the actual treatment is free for those with access to a library or very low cost for those who prefer to buy their own books.

I own probably every book on the topic and have not spent over $200, all told. Meanwhile, most patients can treat their own pain with one good solid source of knowledge therapy, such as our excellent and peer-acclaimed pain relief program. That is quite an accomplishment for such a small investment!

Compared to the literally tens of thousands of dollars I spent out of pocket on my back therapies, it is easy to see why the back pain treatment industry is very hesitant to accept TMS theory and knowledge therapy treatment as part of their regimen. It hits them in their economic bottom line, since back pain care is a hugely profitable healthcare niche.

Herniated Discs and Tension Myositis Syndrome Tips

You might have instant success using knowledge therapy to beat your back pain. You might have to work hard at it and take a few weeks or even months. You might need the help of other patients or even a professional TMS doctor. However, if you understand the idea behind the therapy, you will succeed, as long as your disc condition does not demonstrate a definitive pathological process for enacting pain.

The vast majority of patients achieve excellent curative results doing nothing more than buying a book or two and reading them repetitively. I was actually treated in person by Dr. Sarno, but derived no tangible benefit from the experience. I enacted my own cure simply through study of the books, not from the personality or professional medical abilities of the man. You can do the same. Just give yourself the chance to apply the techniques exactly as they are recommended. 

There is no better tension myositis syndrome resource section than the one on Cure-Back-Pain.Org. This website has been providing the full insider story on Dr. John Sarno and his TMS diagnosis for 15 years.

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