Herniated Disc Home Treatment

Herniated Disc Home Treatment

While many patients are searching for a herniated disc home treatment, the majority do not understand the exact nature of disc pain, so their attempts are often misguided. In order to expect lasting relief from any herniated disc, it is crucial to understand why the pain is present and more importantly, how to get rid of it once and for all.

This explorative article details the variety of products and therapies which can be utilized to treat herniated discs at home. The commentary will also serve to caution patients that many home-use programs and devices are nothing more than over-priced and under-performing scams.

Herniated Disc Home Treatment Options

There is a wide range of prescribed home remedies for a herniated disc. The most common include heat/ice, exercises, TENS usage and drugs. While these modalities might provide some degree of pain relief, they are all symptomatic treatments and will do nothing at all to resolve the causative disc condition. Symptomatic therapies are fine in the short term, but when continued indefinitely, amount to little more than medical slavery.

The only treatment options which have any hope of actually curing a problematic disc concern are not typically associated with home use. These 2 options are spinal decompression and herniated disc surgery. Obviously, surgery can only be performed by a qualified doctor and should be avoided unless it becomes the only remaining option for extreme disc pain.

Spinal decompression is best applied using one of the modern professional systems, such as the DRX9000, but can be crudely imitated using home-based inversion systems.

Herniated Disc Home Treatment Issues

The main problem with home treatment, or any treatment of a herniated disc, is the assumption that the intervertebral disc is the actual source of pain. This is often a mistake, especially in unresponsive chronic back pain syndromes. Most herniated discs which occur from degenerative changes in the spine are completely asymptomatic. Bulging discs which occur due to back injury may be painful for a short time, but are not likely to create lasting pain for months or years.

Statistics show that chronic herniated disc pain which endures despite a variety of attempted therapy options is generally misdiagnosed. Sure, there may be a herniated disc in the area, but that spinal abnormality is coincidental to the eternal suffering. When the diagnosis is sound, home-based care still can't change the spinal anatomy, which may be needed to enact a cure. Being that both of these scenarios are commonplace, it is no wonder that home care for herniated discs does not enjoy stellar curative results.

Herniated Disc Home Treatment Alternatives

A lesser considered herniated disc home treatment for virtually any type of chronic pain is knowledge therapy. This treatment gets to the root source of the pain by uncovering the mindbody processes which enact agonizing symptoms throughout the anatomy. There are no risks with this approach and the cost is free. However, this approach to care will not provide curative benefits for patients with verifiable pathological disc conditions which cause true pinched nerves or central spinal stenosis.

Make sure to understand that many forms of home treatment play into the psychological conditioning associated with chronic pain, more than actually doing anything to heal or cure any structural irregularity. Many treatments provide a powerful placebo effect, but might not continue to be effective indefinitely.

To find permanent relief, you must consider a real cure.

Surgery? Not unless it becomes the only choice.

Decompression? If you are indicated and can afford it.

Knowledge therapy? Why not? You have nothing to lose by trying.

In summation, please be careful spending your hard earned cash on any unproven product. There are many opportunistic companies which only seek to market their useless garbage products to desperate people in terrible pain. Do not help them achieve their financial dreams by contributing money to their unethical scams. If there was a real miracle home cure available, we would all know about it already. This is for sure.

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